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The Services I offer


I create institutional videos and infographics for businnes. I can create custom animated videos and cartoons for best wishes as well as for many other events. If you need something like that, take a look at the portfolio section, I'll be glad to help you!


I create storyboard and concept art for animation as well as for cinema and advertising. If you have an idea and you better want to see it designed (black and white, coloured or just a fast sketch), you're welcome to the portfolio section!

From childbook illustration to costumized designs for several uses (greeting cards, invitations, presents...) If you need an illustration, you're welcome! You just have to take a look at the portfolio section and I'll be glad to help you!


I create fast sketches, drafts or detailed concept arts, both coloured or black and white. I'll be glad to translate your ideas into draws to show you every possible way to realize what's in your mind. Just take a look at the portfolio section!


Hello I'm Cecilia...

If I'm asked to introduce myself... I prefer doing it my way. I love storytelling and explaining things. I talk so much that I rather do it by drawing. Since I learned to give life to my sketches well, I animate them! If I had a superpower I would like to manipulate time, so I could do whatever I have in mind. Luckily I'm a hard worker and I'm very good at making lots of things at the same time!

Keep in Touch with me

Cecilia Di Giulio
Via Gian Piero Puricelli 11
20147 Milan
Tel: +39 339 7059186
Email: digiuliocecilia@gmail.com